Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dunnottar Castle

The sun is back in Aberdeenshire, and yesterday was perfect to take a look at our first castle in Scotland. We choose the Dunnottar Castle, a big rock detached from the cliff, full of stories and history.

Inhabited since Pictish times, the Castle is famous for having hidden the Honors of Scotland, last of the English crown jewels, during 11 years until the king return to the throne (1661).

One of the darkest chapters of Dunnottar's history is that of the Whig's Vault. In 1685, one hundred and twenty two men and forty five women, whose crime was their refusal to acknowledge the King's supremacy in spiritual matters.  They were imprisoned with little food and no sanitation from 24 May until the end of July in the gloomy, airless cellar.

But beside history, the place is beautiful and we spent a great afternoon there.

The castle was purchased by the Cowdray family in 1925. The 1st Viscountess Cowdray embarked on a systematic programme of repair. Since then the Castle has remained in the Cowdray (Pearson) family, and has been open to visitors. One of the room have been restored with decorated wood ceiling and windows : the Drawing room.

Don't miss this place if you travel in Aberdeenshire, it worths the trip.

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  1. That is a trip I can only wish to someday take, love you sharing.